"As a working mother, I am glad that Gamuda provides me the support that I need."

Catherine Chin - SENIOR JOB COACH

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Diversity & Inclusion

Developing and maintaining a strong set of ethical values and principles at all times, leading to a positive and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Walk the talk

Person of integrity, whose words are gold; being able to deliver what is promised consistently. (Photo: Ti Jian Liang, Award Winner for demonstrating the value “Walk the Talk” )

Adopt open honest communication

Effective communicator who is able to positively influence or impact the people he or she works with. Open to feedback and providing honest views for effective solutions. (Photo: Chai Swee Keong, Award Winner for demonstrating the value “Adopt Open, Honest Communication” )

Develop our people

Demonstrates commitment to mentor or guide staff to develop themselves for better performance, career advancement and personal development.
(Photo: Foong Choi Wan, Award Winner for demonstrating the value “Develop Our People” )

Demonstrate real teamwork

Able to work well across functions and departments, drawing upon ideas and inspiring or motivating the people he or she works with, to achieve the big picture objectives.
( Photo: Dede Pong, Award Winner for demonstrating the value "Demonstrate Real Teamwork")

Take PERSONAL ownership

Commitment to responsibility and accountability for work, including and beyond the scope of duty, showing determination to deliver stretch targets in challenging situations. ( Photo: Joshua Kong, Award Winner for demonstrating the value "Take Personal Ownership")

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

We strongly believe in creating an inclusive environment where Gamudians can grow and achieve their fullest potential with us.

Women Career Comeback Program

Women career comeback program

In partnership with TalentCorp, Gamuda offers women career comeback program which aims to recruit and retain women who have not been working for at least 6 months in the workforce.


  • Returned to the workforce from a career break after at least six (6) months due to reasons related to family commitments, work-life balance and personal growth
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Minimum of one (1) year working experience before the career break; and
  • Unemployed or underemployed during the career break.
Women at Work

Women at Work

Gamuda’s talent growth strategy encompasses an approach that encourages and supports women participation in the workforce. This is reflected in our commitment to have at least 30% women in our Board to bring value in the form of new perspectives, approaches and ideas to help the Group succeed.

As testament to our commitment, we appreciate that working mothers face additional commitment of having to care for their children, especially those who are still young. To this end, we provide facilities and childcare support to ease pressure on their time and finances. The women-centric benefits package offered to our working mothers includes:

  • Childcare subsidies - To cover the cost of childcare services
  • Family Care Leave - Employees are given paid leave to care for their young children and elderly parents
  • Extended maternity leave - Female employees enjoy up to 90 days of maternity leave
  • Support facilities - We provide stork parking facility for expecting mothers in the office car park, a nursing room and crèche for young children at our headquarters
  • Others - We also provide support for pre and post-natal expenses; vaccination for young children; and family hospitalisation insurance on a co-sharing basis.

Taking our support for working mothers further, as of FY2017 we have begun to identify women with high potential in the Group and tailor-make career plans to help them advance at work.

The Working Environment

Gamuda deliver the unique workspace complimenting with inspiring architecture design to providing a stimulating and supportive work environment.

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